Snacks, salads, ice cream, various drinks and juices, as well as our well-priced lunch menu will round off your stay at Wellenspiel.

Refresh yourself in the dining area and at the sauna bar.

Our restaurant "Blue Lagoon" also offers culinary delights to guests just wanting to 'stop by'.

Blue Lagoon

Opening hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Our restaurant is also open during the holidays.

Daily lunch specials for only € 5.50 (not during school holidays)

Sauna bar

Our specialities: 
kefir drinks, chokeberry, and various juices and salads

Schulferien 2023/2024

Mo. 02.10. bis So. 15.10. und Mo. 30.10. Herbstferien 2023

Do. 23.12. bis So. 02.01. Weihnachtsferien 2023/24

Mo. 12.02. bis So. 25.02. Winterferien 2024

Fr. 28.03. bis So. 05.04. Osterferien 2024

Fr. 10.05./Di. 21.05. Himmelfahrt/Pfingsten 2024

Do. 20.06. bis So. 04.08. Sommerferien 2024